Webgraphs and water reporting

Monitoring electricity and water has never been so easy with 24 hour access to energy consumption data via the internet.

No matter what industry you are in, or how large or small your organisation, it has never been more critical for businesses to measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption. Since 2004, WebGraphs has provided customers with an on line tool allowing access to an array of reports detailing consumption data supplied by the energy meter installed on their premises.

Over the years continual development has seen many improvements to meet our customer’s needs, including increased functionality and reliability. WebGraphs now adds water reporting to its capabilities. 

Rather than re-invent the wheel Ausgrid Business Services has partnered with Sydney-based business Watersave Australia who have been providing water saving initiatives since 2003. Their proven solution ensures that customers receive timely, reliable and accurate access to their water usage data.

Key features of WebGraphs Water Reporting:

  • Single sign-on interface for both electricity and water reporting
  • Timely data acquisition
  • Water displayed in 15 minute intervals
  • Multi-site comparison of water usage data
  • Water savings calculator
  • Water cost calculator
  • Base-flow analysis

 Interested in taking a splash?

Ausgrid Business Services welcomes both new and existing customers to visit our sample site to experience the integration and functionality of WebGraphs and Water Reporting.

To find out more please call an Ausgrid Business Services Account Manager today on 1300 76 06 26.