Ausgrid Business Services provides and installs Sub-Metering to a customers’ installation to monitor the power consumption of certain plant or distribution boards downstream of the revenue metering.

Sub-Metering allows the customer to identify what parts of their organisation are large consumers of electricity and allows them to better distribute costs across an organisation. This also allows the customer to assess where energy savings measures can be introduced and managed. 

These are non-market metering services, usually supplementary to Contestable Metering and often required by clients for energy management purposes. Ausgrid Business Services has a large number of sub-meters installed across the NEM (excluding embedded network meters). 

Historically installation of these services has been driven by customers who are looking to measure the success of any Energy Management initiatives they have put in place. The requirement for many of our customers in regards to Sub-Metering has been their need to measure downstream of the revenue meter and to isolate the usage of individual pieces of equipment. 

Types of customers taking advantage of Sub-Metering can range from large industrial sites, manufacturing/mining sites, utilities, banks, building owners, Councils/Government sites and cogeneration/trigeneration providers.

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