Lighting solutions

Providing a smart rental solution to Security Floodlighting.

Whether it’s for personal safety, building security or aesthetic reasons, external floodlighting is essential for many businesses. 
Ausgrid Business Services understands this can often be expensive which is why we’ve introduced a smarter alternative called Lighting Solutions – Security Floodlighting. 

Rather than purchase expensive lighting equipment, Lighting Solutions lets you rent it
To minimise set-up costs, your lights are installed using Ausgrid’s existing network of electricity poles, letting you benefit directly from our expertise gained serving Australian businesses for over 100 years.

Reduce your capital outlay
By taking advantage of the existing Ausgrid infrastructure in your area, including poles, cables and equipment, Lighting Solutions can significantly reduce your capital outlay. Ausgrid will provide you with all of the lights and expertise required to illuminate your premises.

Security lighting reduces crime
365 days a year, Lighting Solutions provides you with increased visibility and offers peace of mind for your staff and customers.

Cost effective solutions
Lighting Solutions is offered on a rental arrangement, incorporating a once only installation fee and a monthly rental fee that covers all your floodlighting maintenance and electricity charges. This keeps your security lighting costs to a minimum.

Customised lighting solutions
Before you spend a cent, an experienced Lighting Solutions consultant will visit your premises for an obligation free lighting consultation. This ensures the most suitable and efficient solution for your business.

Our expertise means we can provide a custom-designed solution that minimises the environmental impact of floodlighting ‘spill’ and obtrusive effects on neighbouring properties and traffic.


Call Ausgrid Business Services for your obligation free Lighting Solutions Security Floodlighting consultation on 1300 76 06 26.