Embedded Networks

Achieve a successful and sustainable solution for the metering of an embedded network

The provision of Embedded Networks is a combination of metering products, support applications and Ausgrid Business Services. The concept of an embedded network can be viewed as a group of aggregated metered sites merged for the purpose of obtaining a group retail contract.

Effectively the embedded network is presented to the energy retailer as a single meter representing the accumulated consumption of the group. The benefit to the embedded network owner is that the combined, aggregated consumption will entitle them to negotiate a wholesale rate based on usage. This will provide a saving in energy outlay that can be either passed on to the sites within the embedded network or provide a margin when usage is on billed to the sites within the embedded network. It also allows for a site to manage load and look for energy efficiency opportunities. 

While Ausgrid Business Services is not an embedded network operator, as a metering provider we bring the experience of metering and the provision of solutions to embedded network operators, building owners or retailers wanting to construct an embedded network. Ausgrid Business Services currently works closely with several embedded network operators to support their clients in achieving a successful and sustainable solution for the metering of an embedded network. 

There are two types of embedded network opportunities known as a Greenfields or Brownfields site. A Greenfields site is a new site under construction where the design and setup of an Embedded Network has been considered and adopted. The meters installed at such a location will be done before power is connected and the site is ready to operate as an Embedded Network from day one. A Brownfields site is a project that needs to be converted into an Embedded Network. This is an existing site that has been operating under the normal tenancy metering and common services arrangement. Both setups have the ability to provide benefits to the owner but have different complexities regarding the installation of metering. 

Types of customers taking advantage of an Embedded Network setup vary greatly from commercial buildings, high rise residential apartments, shopping centres and airports to name a few.


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