If your business is faced with the need to measure, monitor & manage its energy use then WebGraphs may be the answer.

WebGraphs, Ausgrid Business Services’s online energy reporting tool provides detailed information such as energy consumption, Max KVA, Max KW Demand, Power Factor and CO2 emissions.

Whether analysis is from a technical or financial perspective, such information can be critical to maintaining and running your business operations. By being better informed, you can take a proactive approach to maintenance, process management, outage management, seasonal activities, production schedules, environmental factors etc.

WebGraphs has a suite of more than 10 reports and these have been bundled into a number of user friendly reporting packages. There is a WebGraphs package to suit every business and budget. Click here for a full description of WebGraph Packs available.

Put simply, WebGraphs is energy management made easy.

If you would like further information on WebGraphs, including a guest login to view our sample account, you can call us on 1300 76 06 26 or complete the customer query form.

Sample WebGraph Reports

Below are links to sample reports available from WebGraphs. Click on the images below to download the PDF file and view the whole sample report.

consumption report

Energy Consumption

Co2 emissions report 

CO2 Emissions

 energy analysis report

Energy Analysis

 max demand report

Maximum Demand

 Load profile report

Load Profile

 monthly summary report

Monthly Summary

 TOU energy consumption report

TOU Energy Consumption

 Year on year trend report

Year on Year Trend

 solar generation report

Solar Generation

Other sample reports available through WebGraphs: