Specialised Metering Services

Ausgrid Business Services can provide a comprehensive solution to all your metering needs, specialising in the supply of services for both the contestable market and for private metering installations. Our suite of metering services includes;


Ausgrid Business Services provides and installs submetering to a customers’ installation to monitor the power consumption of certain plant or distribution boards downwind of the revenue metering. This type of metering helps to identify what parts of an operation are the large consumers of electricity or to better distribute costs across an organisation. This also allows the customer to assess where energy savings measures can be introduced and managed.

Data logging

Ausgrid Business Services installs data logging equipment to provided temporary monitoring of electricity consumption which can be helpful if customers are considering a supply upgrade or in circumstances where sub-metering is not possible. The time period of the measured quantities can be set to required intervals and the results can be provided as either raw data or presented in graphical and tabulated coloured reports.

Switchboard Alterations & upgrades

Ausgrid Business Services can provide expert advice, project management or total solutions on switchboard upgrades and metering consolidations for installations throughout the National Electricity Market.


Ausgrid Business Services can provide pulse retransmission from electricity meters to allow customers to monitor their electricity supply in real time. This is done by providing an interface with the meter to produce a passive set of contacts which can be connected to a Building Management System. Retransmission can be installed for all types of metering installations including both contestable metering and submetering.