Over the past few years, the energy market has seen the staggered introduction of deregulation based upon the amount of energy consumed by individual customers. Now, with the introduction of full competition, all consumers of electricity in NSW, Victoria and Queensland and business customers in South Australia are able to select the company that they purchase their electricity from.

So too, customers can select the company that they use for the supply of metering services. Ausgrid Business Services offers a range of metering services that allow business customers to participate in the contestable market as well as offering a range of value added services that can assist customers in better understanding and managing their energy usage. With this added knowledge customers are able to monitor and reduce their energy costs.

Ausgrid Business Services is an accredited metering service provider in the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and is experienced in supplying Metering Provision (MP) and Meter Data Agent (MDA) services. Ausgrid Business Services currently provides metering and value added services to a wide range of small and large industrial and commercial customers who are located throughout the NEM states of Australia.

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