Energy audits

Reduce energy consumption with our walk through inspection of your premises, to identify areas of inefficiency and overuse.

The energy audit process can include the delivery of an Energy Review Report which involves site analysis, evaluation and assessment of energy consumption and identification of energy saving opportunities. More complex audits not only provide details relating to energy analysis and energy savings but also provide an indication of the cost to achieve such savings. 

There are three types of audit levels available, Levels 1, 2 & 3 which are defined by the Australian Energy Audits Standard AS/NZ 3598:2000. 

Level 1 Energy Audits are sometimes called an overview and allow the overall energy consumption at a site to be evaluated and assessments made whether the energy use is reasonable or excessive. A Level 1 Energy Audit provides initial benchmarks of the site so the effect of energy measures can be tracked and evaluated. These audits give an overview which provides rough orders or savings and costs and accuracy of figures is generally within ±40%.

Level 2 Energy Audits identify the sources of energy to a site, the amount of energy supplied and what the energy is used for. A Level 2 Audit will also identify areas where savings can be made, recommends measures to be taken and provides a statement of costs and potential savings. These audits comprise an energy use survey which is expected to provide a preliminary assessment of costs and savings and accuracy of figures is generally within ±20%.

Level 3 Energy Audits provide a detailed analysis of energy usage, the savings that can be made and the cost of achieving those savings. Level 3 Audits may cover a whole site or may focus on an individual area such as a single industrial process. The audit may involve the installation of local sub-metering and data logging. The results of Level 3 Audits can sometimes require substantial investment by the owner and the audit report can help to justify such expenditure. These audits provide a firm estimate of savings and costs and accuracy of figures is generally within +10% for costs and -10% for benefits. 

Ausgrid Business Services support doesn’t stop after the provision of the audit service, we can also provide turnkey solutions once the audit report is complete.

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