Water Reporting

While the saying that electricity and water don’t mix stands true, Ausgrid Business Services has been working to mix electricity and water reporting with great results.

Since 2004, WebGraphs has been providing customers with online access to a suite of reports using the data provided by the energy meter installed at the customer’s premises. Over the years continual development has seen many improvements adding increased functionality, reliability, and new reports meeting our customer’s growing needs. 2010 marks a milestone as WebGraphs adds water reporting to its capabilities.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel Ausgrid Business Services has partnered with Sydney-based business Watersave Australia who have been providing water saving initiatives since 2003. Their proven solution ensures that customers receive timely, reliable and accurate access to their data.

WebGraphs customers on Ausgrid Business Services’s Environmental Reporting Pack can have access to their Watersave profile through the WebGraphs interface using a single sign-on. This allows customers to receive both energy and water reporting quickly and easily, through a secure online webpage.

Advantages for customers selecting the WebGraphs/Watersave solution include: 

  • Single sign-on and interface for both electricity and water reporting.
  • Water reporting features active notifications/alarms. 
  • Ability to extract raw data for both electricity and water meters.

The relationship between Ausgrid Business Services and Watersave Australia is a significant milestone for both companies, sharing similar goals to provide customers with straightforward sustainable solutions that will measurably create significant energy, CO2 and cost savings.

Interested in taking a splash? Ausgrid Business Services welcomes both new and existing customers to visit our sample site to experience the integration and functionality of WebGraphs with Water Reporting.

If you would like further information on WebGraphs, including a guest login to view our sample account, you can call us on 1300 76 06 26 or complete the customer query form.

Sample Water Reports

Below is a link to a sample water report available on WebGraphs. Click on the image below to download the PDF file and view the whole sample report.