Meter provision

Ausgrid Business Services’s Metering Provision (MP) group is well experienced in providing total metering solutions that meet the requirements of the deregulated market. We also provide additional services that add value to standard metering installations. It is through our use of the latest technologies and equipment that Ausgrid Business Services are able to assist our customers to more efficiently manage their energy consumption and costs.

Ausgrid Business Services’s team of specialist technicians, engineers, management and field staff work together to ensure that a seamless and reliable installation occurs time and time again. This makes us one of the most reliable and accurate metering service providers in the market.

Ausgrid Business Services’s Metering Provision section offers high quality, prompt and reliable service with professional support in the following areas:

  • Supply of metering provision services for the contestable market
  • Installation of sub-metering
  • Testing of metering installations
  • Provision of electricity surveys
  • Consultancy services to determine the most appropriate metering solution