Meter data agency

Ausgrid Business Services’s Meter Data Agency (MDA) is a highly specialised unit comprising state of the art technology and IT systems along with skilled personnel with data interrogation and analysis skills.

With its in depth market knowledge, our MDA is able to provide an accurate and reliable Meter Data Agency service that not only meets but exceeds the requirements of the contestable market. In addition, we are able to meet our customers needs for more detailed and sophisticated information on their energy use to assist in energy management and reducing energy costs.

Ausgrid Business Services’s Meter Data Agency prides itself on continually providing high quality metering data and is known as one of the most accurate and reliable MDA’s in the industry.

Ausgrid Business Services offers high quality, prompt and reliable service with professional support in the following areas:

  • Supply of standard meter data agency services for the contestable market
  • Supply of advanced meter data agency services to provide more detailed information regarding energy consumption
  • Provision of detailed graphs, reports and raw metering data to assist in energy consumption analysis
  • Web-based access to metering data, graphs and reports that can be customised to meet specific requirements
  • Provision of informative reports indicating greenhouse gas emissions to assist in environmental management and reporting